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Special Features:

SATKAMA School has some unique features that help in the integrative development of children.

1. Prayer

The school starts with the prayer given by Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur. The prayer exhorts that a human being’s highest goal is Ultimate Master or The Divine and this is within the heart. Lessons in Divine Resource Development are learnt in the heart. Children are made to understand this prayer in simple a language they can understand.

O Master!
Thou art the real goal of human life.
We are yet but slaves of wishes,
Putting bar to our advancement.
Thou art the only God and Power,
To bring us up to that stage.

2. Silence period

Every day a 15 minutes silence period is conducted. Elementary class students maintain silence after saying the prayer. Higher class students practice meditation on the heart as prescribed by Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj.

3. Activities based on values

There are 44 positive values identified as part of integrative development of children. Each value is taken as a theme of the week and every Saturday, children will perform activities based on the values. The activities are skits, enactments, story telling and story writing. These activities help children to appreciate and imbibe the values as part of the learning environment in the school. Other than this, the value of the week is written on each room’s blackboard. Teachers are encouraged to draw associations with the value of the week in the lesson as part of the teaching process.

4. Remedial learning

The school provides extra classes and coaching for those students who require more help in studies.

5. Field trips

The school organizes field trips to natural places, parks, research organizations, public places and service organizations for exposing students to the world outside. Field trips are an excellent way to bridge the gap between the academic nature of studies and the application in the real life. Social development, Intellectual development and sensitivity to values in life can happen best when children are exposed through field trips to such situations outside the school environment.

6. Pujya Dr.K.C.V scheme

The School participates in Dr. KCV Nutritive Scheme of Sahaj Seva Samsthan. Under this scheme, “Sahaj Shakti” biscuits and drinks are given free to all school children everyday. The biscuits and drink is prepared by vocational wing of Sahaj Seva Samsthan and under annual and life sponsorhip of its members, it is supplied free of cost to the school children. The biscuits and drink have soya base, is rich in proteins. It is nutritionally balanced and also contains Brahmi and Shankapushpi, ayurvedic herbs to enhance memory and general well being.

7. School visits by eminent people

Every year the school organizes visits by successful people in their fields who come and spend a day with children interacting with them about their field of work and their experience in life. Many of these people are also serious practicants of Natural Path. The idea is to inspire children about the possibility of leading an active life contributing to society and adhere to highest morals in life.

8. Health checkups

In collaboration with Mahatama Sri Ramchandra Centenary Memorial Hospital, the School organizes bi-annual health checkups for students. Under this, every student is checked for illness, anemia and is suggested and where possible also given treatment for the same. The checkup is also done free of cost.