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Admission Procedure

1. There is no application fee, or admission fee or any charges for admission of students in SATKAMA School.
2. Admission will be granted based on an assessment conducted by the school for the class the child is seeking admission.
3. Seats in each class are limited to 15 students only.
4. Any attempt to influence the admission process by parents or others unfairly will result in cancellation of registration without any further consideration.
5. Management reserves the right to look at additional factors if required as it deems fit to allow or deny admissions into SATKAMA.

Documents Required for Admission
1. Completed application form provided by SATKAMA School
2. Date of Birth certificate attested by Mandal Revenue Officer OR Record Sheet / TC from previous school
3. Bonafide Certificate from previous school.

NOTE: Admission is not confirmed until all relevant applications are provided.

For availability of seats for admission, please contact our office