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About SATKĀMA School


SATKĀMA means “Be Truthful”. We have to be truthful to our true nature which is essentially rooted in Divinity. SATKĀMA is a school for integrative development. Every individual integrates with his surroundings or society based on values he has learnt over a period of life. If the values inculcated are universal in nature, the individual will live in his surroundings with a feeling of integration and mutual dependence rather than separation and independence. We are individuals, yet we are one with the many and not one amongst the many. The universal values of cooperation, sharing, service, sacrifice, fraternity, love, compassion etc, essentially have to be imbibed to live in harmony and peace with a feeling of integration that encompasses the well being of all of humanity. SATKĀMA is a normal academic school with a difference. SATKĀMA seeks to provide such an atmosphere where it will be natural for the children to learn and grow being truthful to their true nature which is Divine even as it provides excellent academic education. SATKĀMA is committed to such Divine Resource Development.

The school was started in the year 2005 and is recognised by State Govt. of A.P, India (RC No. 1630/B4/2005).


Education for a new Spiritual Era

The world is confronted with so much conflict and violence that universal peace may sound like an oxymoron. Yet peace is one thing that mankind continuously strives, however elusive it may appear to be.

The Great Master Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj states

“As a matter of fact world peace can never be possible unless we take into account the inner state of the individual mind. World peace is directly related with individual peace, for which the individual mind is to be brought up to the required level. If the individual mind is brought to a state of rest and peace, everything in the world will then appear to him in the same colour. It is, therefore, essential to find out means for developing within every individual a state of peace and contentment. Thus, all that we have to do for the attainment of world peace is to mould the mental tendencies of the people individually. That means the proper regulation of mind so as to introduce into it a state of moderation. That is the only way for bringing peace into the world. It is, therefore, essential for all of us to develop peace of mind within our individual self. But that being exclusively the scope of spirituality, one must necessarily resort to spiritual means for the purpose. “

Thus the coming era without any option, has to be a spiritual era where enduring world peace would be realized. The school education then should focus on such positive values of life that individual children are prepared for this new spiritual era.

Human perfection lies in ‘man’ becoming ‘real man’ according to the Great Master of the day – Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur, U.P. India.

The word education is derived from the root ‘educe’ meaning ‘extract from’, ‘draw out’. It implies that there is something in the individual that can be drawn out and exhibited in its perfection that the individual possibilities permit. ‘Education’ is multidimensional in nature. Not only the intellectual aspect of development, social and emotional adjustment is the task of education but more than all this essentially making a person ‘human’ is the real task of education. Children are to be viewed as embodiments of love and affection. The educators’ job is to develop their inner resources so as to become tomorrows’ peace makers.



  • To promote a spirit of cooperation

  • To promote fraternity

  • To provide integrative value based education inculcating noble virtues of human life that signify human perfection

  • To provide an environment to foster individual excellence in academics, sports, arts and crafts and vocational learning as per the potential of the child



Salient Features

  • School education is provided totally free of cost.

  • Dedicated to Divine Resource development through value based education

  • Values are imparted through associative teaching methods.

  • Associative approach includes interactive discussions, rhymes, stories, arts and crafts and games

  • Teacher Student ratio optimally maintained around 1:15 for effective communication

  • Emphasis on interactive learning between children and teachers

  • Emphasis on positivity and creative aspect of learning.

  • Practical computer based learning for all classes to enhance creative skills and also as a teaching aid for specific lesson plans.

  • Learning without burden: NCERT’s NCF 2005 recommended guidelines for academic teaching



School Funding

As opposed to most prevalent privately run schools, SATKĀMA is a free school. SATKĀMA school committee believes that education and healthcare professions should not be commercialized. With this in view, the school is offering its education services free of cost. The school is sponsored by Sahaj Seva Samsthan and is generously funded by individuals who firmly believe in universal values of life. The school has designed sponsorship programs for individuals who are willing to commit for the cause of value based education.


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Plot Number 1735, Pragathinagar - Kukatpally
Hyderabad, INDIA -

Tel: +91-40-64518979

email: vidyadhar@sriramchandra.org